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Sighnaghi/ Bodbe Monastery

City of wine and love, as it is being called in recent years, is very much appealing to those who are tired of rush and hustle, and like everything lovely, cute and small. Walking through Sighnaghi, you might feel like in Italy - the architecture is pretty similar to small Italian towns. Romantic cobbled streets, carved balconies, 24/7 marriage registration... What is there in this town for those who don’t want to get married right now? 

Royal town surrounded by the defensive walls with 23 towers. Each of these towers were named after nearby villages and respective families and served as a refuge in case of danger. The town was mainly inhabited by merchants and artisans. It had many gates through which numerous Silk Road travellers from Asia and Europe passed on their way.

Bodbe Monastery

Built in IX century and remodeled in the XVII, Bodbe Monastery is one of the most important pilgrimage places in Georgia, because country's patron saint, St. Nino, is buried there. It overlooks Alazani Valley from a little hill. The monastery is functioning as a nunnery, and also has decent facilities for tourists.

Bodbe Monastery is in 2 km from the center of Sighnaghi. If you walk along the steps down from the monastery, you'll find a spring with holy water. People believe that the water has miraculous properties.

Tour Duration: 6-7 hours
Recommended starting time: 10:00 am
Includes Transportation Service
Meals and guide service are not included

Sighnaghi Tour - 1 Day

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